Acrolein Chemical formula

Chemical information

Acraldehyde; Acrialdehído; Acroleína; Acrylaldehyde; Acrylic Aldehyde. Prop-2-enal.
Chemical formula: C3H4O = 56.06.
CAS — 107-02-8.


Acrolein is a volatile, highly flammable liquid at ordinary temperature and pressure. It has various industrial uses, but is also a toxic byproduct of combustion and may be present in exhaust gases, tobacco smoke, and smoke from fires. It is irritant to the skin and may cause skin burns. Ingestion of acrolein produces severe gastrointestinal distress. The vapour causes lachrymation and pulmonary irritation. Inhalation may cause pulmonary oedema and permanent lung damage. Acrolein is a metabolite of cyclophosphamide and may be responsible for the latter’s bladder toxicity.
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Published October 24, 2018.