Acexamic Acid

Acexamic Acid Chemical formula
Synonyms: Acide Acexamique; Ácido acexámico; Acidum Acexamicum; CY-153; Epsilon Acetamidocaproic Acid. 6-Acetamidohexanoic acid.
Cyrillic synonym: Ацексамовая Кислота.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C8H15NO3 = 173.2.
CAS — 57-08-9 (acexamic acid); 70020-71-2 (zinc acexamate).


Eur. includes Zinc Acexamate.

💊 Profile

Acexamic acid is related structurally to the antifibrinolytic agent aminocaproic acid. Acexamic acid, usually as the calcium or sodium salt, has been used topically or systemically to promote the healing of ulcers and various other skin lesions. Zinc acexamate has been given for peptic ulcer disease.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Plastenan; Restaurene; Belg.: Plastenan; Fr.: Plastenan†; Mex.: Recoveron; Port.: Plastesol†; Spain: Copinal. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Bagoderm; Cicatrizol; Lisoderma; Plastenan con Neomicina; Fr.: Trofoseptine†; Mex.: Dermatolona; Recoveron N; Recoveron NC; Port.: Plastenan Neomicina†; Spain: Plaskine Neomicina; Unitul Complex†.
Published October 13, 2018.