Magnesium Silicate


💊 Chemical information

E553(a); Silicato de magnesio.
CAS — 1343-88-0.
ATC — A02AA05.
ATC Vet — QA02AA05.


In Jpn. Also in USNF.


(Magnesium Silicate). A compound of magnesium oxide and silicon dioxide. It contains not less than 15.0% of magnesium oxide and not less than 67.0% of silicon dioxide, calculated on the ignited basis. It is a fine, white, odourless powder, free from grittiness. Insoluble in water and in alcohol. It is readily decomposed by mineral acids. pH of a well-mixed 10% suspension in water is between 7.0 and 10.8.

💊 Uses

Magnesium silicate is used in the food industry and in pharmaceutical manufacturing as an anticaking agent.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Port.: Acnoil Free. Multi-ingredient: Braz.: Cutisanol; Fr.: ZeaSorb; Port.: Mucal†.
Published November 19, 2018.