💊 Chemical information

Carbono 11.
CAS — 14333-33-6.
HALF-LIFE. 20.4 minutes.

💊 Profile

Carbon-11 is a positron-emitter that is used in positron-emission tomography. Compounds that have been labelled with carbon-11 include L-methionine for the detection of malignant neoplasms, acetic and palmitic acids for the study of myocardial metabolism, raclopride and mespiperone for the study of CNS dopaminergic D2 receptors, and flumazenil for the study of GABA receptors. Labelled carbon monoxide may be used to assess blood volume.

💊 Preparations

Ph. Eur.: -Methionine (( C)Methyl) Injection; Flumazenil (N-( C)Methyl) Injection; Raclopride (( C)Methoxy) Injection; Sodium Acetate ((1C)) Injection; USP 31: Carbon Monoxide C 11; Flumazenil C 11 Injection; Mespiperone C 11 Injection; Methionine C 11 Injection; Raclopride C 11 Injection; Sodium Acetate C 11 Injection.
Published October 10, 2018.