Ergotoxine Chemical formula
Synonyms: Ecboline; Ergotoxina.
Cyrillic synonym: Эрготоксин.

Chemical information

CAS — 8006-25-5 (ergotoxine); 8047-28-7 (ergotoxine esilate); 8047-29-8 (ergotoxine phosphate); 564-36-3 (ergocornine); 511-08-0 (ergocristine); 511-09-1 ( -ergocryptine); 20315-46-2 ( -ergocryptine).


Ergotoxine is a mixture of naturally occurring ergot alkaloids. It contains equal proportions of ergocornine (C31H39N5O5= 561.7), ergocristine (C35H39N5O5= 609.7), and ergocryptine (C32H41N5O5= 575.7) as the α- and β-isomers. The esilate was formerly used as an oxytocic and in the treatment of migraine. Ergotoxine phosphate has also been used.
Published October 30, 2018.