Sulfurated Lime

Synonyms: Cal sulfurada; Calcium Sulphide; Calx Sulphurata; Sulfuro cálcico; Sulphurated Lime.
Cyrillic synonym: Сернистый Кальций (calcium sulfide); Сульфид Кальция (cal-.

💊 Chemical information

cium sulfide) CAS — 8028-82-8 (sulfurated lime solution).

💊 Profile

Sulfurated lime is a mixture containing calcium sulfate and not less than 50% of calcium sulfide (CaS), prepared by heating calcium sulfate with carbonaceous matter. Sulfurated lime solution (Vleminckx’s solution) is an aqueous solution containing calcium polysulfides and calcium thiosulfate prepared by boiling sublimed sulfur with calcium hydroxide in water. Sulfurated lime has been used topically as sulfurated lime solution for acne, scabies, seborrhoeic dermatitis, and pustular infections such as boils and carbuncles. A similar solution known as ‘lime-sulphur’ is used as a fungicide in horticulture. An impure grade of calcium sulfide (Hepar Sulphuris; Hepar Sulph.) is used in homoeopathic medicine. NOTE. The title Hepar Sulfuris is also applied to Sulfurated Potash (see below).

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Multi-ingredient: Cz.: Homeovox.
Published January 17, 2019.