Synonyms: Azufre; Enxôfre; Kén; Kükürt; Rikki; Schwefel; Siarka; Síra; Soufre; Sulphur; Sulphurium; Svavel.
Cyrillic synonym: Сера.

💊 Chemical information

S = 32.065.
CAS — 7704-34-9.
ATC — D10AB02.
ATC Vet — QD1 0AB02.


In Chin., Eur., Jpn, and US. Some have monographs for Precipitated Sulfur (Milk of Sulfur), Sublimed Sulfur (Flowers of Sulfur), or both. Some specify it is only for external use.

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Sulphur for External Use). A yellow powder. The size of most of the particles is not greater than 20 micrometres and that of almost all the particles is not greater than 40 micrometres. Practically insoluble in water; soluble in carbon disulfide; slightly soluble in vegetable oils. Protect from light.

USP 31 (Precipitated Sulfur). A very fine, pale yellow, odourless, amorphous or microcrystalline powder. Practically insoluble in water; very slightly soluble in alcohol; slowly and usually incompletely soluble 1 in 2 of carbon disulfide; soluble 1 in 100 of olive oil.

USP 31 (Sublimed Sulfur). A fine, yellow, crystalline powder with a faint odour. Practically insoluble in water and in alcohol; sparingly soluble in olive oil.

💊 Adverse Effects and Precautions

Topical application of sulfur can cause skin irritation and dermatitis has been reported after repeated application. Contact with the eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes should be avoided. Contact with sulfur can discolour certain metals such as silver, and application of sulfur with topical mercurial compounds can lead to the generation of hydrogen sulfide which has a foul odour and may stain the skin black.


Sulfur has been used for the illicit preparation of explosives or fireworks; care is required with its supply.

💊 Uses and Administration

Sulfur is a keratolytic, a mild antiseptic, a mild antifungal, and a parasiticide. Colloidal sulfur has a smaller particle size than either precipitated or sublimed sulfur. It is sulfur in an aqueous medium containing a colloid such as albumin or gelatin. Sulfur has been widely used in lotions, creams, or ointments, usually combined with other agents, in concentrations of up to 10% in the treatment of acne, dandruff, seborrhoeic conditions, scabies, and superficial fungal infections, although there are more convenient and effective preparations. Lotions of precipitated sulfur with lead acetate have been used to darken grey hair. Sulfur was also formerly used as a mild irritant laxative. Sulfur is used in homoeopathic medicine.
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💊 Preparations

BPC 1973: Salicylic Acid and Sulphur Ointment; USP 31: Resorcinol and Sulfur Topical Suspension; Sulfur Ointment.

Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Macbirs; Macbirs Sulphur; Merbenloc; Suldiamin†; Braz.: Sabonete Sulfuroso†; Canad.: Postacne†; Cz.: Aknepur†; Ger.: Sulfopino†; Indon.: Acne Feldin; JF Sulfur; Ital.: Acqua di Sirmione†; Misurid; Sapol; Malaysia: JF Sulfur; Philipp.: Erasul; Sulderm; Turk.: Capila Savon; USA: Acne Lotion 10; Liquimat; Sulfoam; Sulmasque. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Acnomel†; Azufracid; Bentophyto; Bifena; C-G†; Farmigras; Medicatex; Molnia; Nemegel†; Onelacne†; Pinklot; Sastid; Suffisance; Tersoderm Cabellos Grasos†; Austral.: Acne & Pimple Gel†; Clearasil Acne Treatment Cream; Egopsoryl TA; Eskamel; Neo-Medrol; PsorAsist; Austria: Aknichthol; Alpicort; Eucarbon; Herposicc; Leukona-Sulfomoor-Bad†; Sabatif; Salvyl; Schwefelbad Dr Klopfer; Sulfo-Schwefelbad; Wisamt†; Braz.: Acnase; Actine; Akirol†; Circanetten†; Dermax; Dermic; Polvilho Antisseptico†; Salder S; Salisoap; Sastid; Talco Alivio†; Varicell†; Canad.: Boil Ease†; Clearasil Acne Control; Clearasil Acne Cream; Mazon Medicated Shampoo; Medrol Acne Lotion; Meted; Neo-Medrol Acne; Pernox; Sebulex; Sebutone†; Sterex; Sterex Plus; Sulfacet-R; Chile: Acnaid†; Antiacne†; Dermac Crema; Sastid Jabon; Cz.: Acne Cream†; Fin.: NeoMedrol comp†; Wicne; Wicnecarb; Fr.: Dermo-Sulfuryl; Paps; Selso; Solacy; Sulfuryl; Zeniac†; Ger.: Antihydral M†; Ellsurex; Fango-Rubriment; Schwefelbad Dr Klopfer; Sulfredox†; Sulfuretten†; Wisamt N†; Hong Kong: 2-4-2†; Acne-Aid; Acnederm; Antihydral M†; Cocois†; Egopsoryl TA; Neo-Medrol Acne; Sastid; Hung.: Bolus Laxans; Schwefelbad Dr Klopfer; India: Persol For te; Indon.: Bioacne; Feldixid; Sastid; Irl.: Cocois; Meted; Pragmatar; Israel: Acnex†; Calatrim cum Sulphur†; Duo-Scabil; Eucarbon; Neo-Medrol; Sulfo-Salicyl; Ital.: Acnesan†; Anti-Acne; Eucarbon; Geroderm Zolfo†; Lenirose†; Medrol Lozione Antiacne†; Sacnel; SameSeb; Saugella Solido Zolfo; Troca Flu Spray Nasale; Malaysia: Acne-Aid; Acnederm†; Clearasil Pimple Treatment; Cocois†; Egopsoryl TA; Eucarbon†; Neo-Medrol; Nixoderm; Sastid; Mex.: Crema Axel†; Dermac; Jabon del Tio Nacho; Locion Axel†; Sastid; NZ: Acnederm†; Clearasil; CocoScalp; Cocois†; Egopsoryl TA; Philipp.: Dermalin; Sastid; Pol.: Acne Sulf; Bals-Sulphur; Cocois; Dermaknel; Zdroj; Port.: All Pecium†; Resodermil; Sucadermil; Rus.: Olimetin (Олиметин)†; S.Afr.: Balsem Sulphuris; Clearasil T; Cuticura†; Eskamel; Haarlemensis; Neo-Medrol; Sastid; Singapore: Acne Clear; Acne-Aid; Clearasil Pimple Treatment; Egopsoryl TA; Neo-Medrol; Sastid; Spain: Acnisdin; Crislaxo; Laxante Sanatorium; Moderin Acne†; Sastid†; Swed.: Sevorex; Switz.: Acne Creme; Acne Gel; Ektoselene; Sebo-Soufrol; Soufrol TP†; Thai.: Circanetten; Neo-Medrol; Sastid; Turk .: Eucarbon; Karboseptin; Wilkinson; UK: Actinac; Balto Foot Balm; Clearasil Active Treatment Cream; Cocois; Eskamel; Herbheal Ointment; Meted; Pragmatar†; Psorasolv; Sebco; Simpsons; Skin Clear; TCP; USA: Acno; Acnomel; Acnotex; Avar; Aveeno Cleansing Bar; Bensulfoid; Boil Ease; Clenia; Finac; Fostex Medicated; Fostril†; Meted; MG217 Medicated Tar-Free; MG400; Nicosyn; Novacet; Pernox; Plexion; Rezamid; Rosac; Rosanil; Rosula; Sastid; Seale’s Lotion; Sebasorb; Sebex; Sebex-T; Sebulex; Sulfacet-R; Sulforcin; Sulfoxyl; Sulpho-Lac; Suphera; Therac†; Zetacet; Venez.: Acnil†; Alderil†; Bori-Zinc†; Klenyl; Niosilin; Sastid†; Selenil.
Published January 17, 2019.