Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid Chemical formula
Synonyms: Acide salicylique; Acido Ortóxibenzoico; Acidum salicylicum; Kwas salicylowy; Kyselina salicylová; Salicílico, ácido; Salicilo ru _ gštis; Salicylsyra; Salisilik Asit; Salisyylihappo; Salizylsäure; Szalicilsav. 2-Hydroxybenzoic acid.
Cyrillic synonym: Салициловая Кислота.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C7H6O3 = 138.1.
CAS — 69-72-7.
ATC — D01AE12; S01BC08.
ATC Vet — QD01AE12; QS01BC08.


In Chin., Eur., Int., Jpn, US, and Viet.

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Salicylic Acid). White or colourless acicular crystals or a white or almost white, crystalline powder. Slightly soluble in water; freely soluble in alcohol; sparingly soluble in dichloromethane. Protect from light.

USP 31

(Salicylic Acid). White crystals, usually in fine needles or a white, fluffy, crystalline powder. The synthetic form is white and odourless but if prepared from natural methyl salicylate it may have a slightly yellow or pink tint, and a faint, mint-like odour. Soluble 1 in 460 of water, 1 in 15 of boiling water, 1 in 3 of alcohol, 1 in 45 of chloroform, 1 in 3 of ether, and 1 in 135 of benzene.

💊 Adverse Effects and Precautions

Salicylic acid is a mild irritant and application of salicylic acid preparations to the skin may cause dermatitis. Preparations containing high concentrations of salicylic acid can cause skin ulceration or erosion; healthy skin surrounding warts, corns, and calluses should be protected with soft paraffin or specially designed plasters when such preparations are being used. Salicylic acid should be used with care on the extremities of patients with impaired peripheral circulation or diabetes; caution has also been suggested if caustic preparations are used in patients with significant peripheral neuropathy. The drug is readily absorbed through the skin, and symptoms of acute systemic salicylate poisoning have been reported after excessive use; deaths have occurred, mainly in children. To minimise absorption after topical application salicylic acid should not be used for prolonged periods, in high concentrations, on large areas of the body, or on inflamed or broken skin. Contact with mouth, eyes, and other mucous membranes should be avoided.

💊 Uses and Administration

Salicylic acid has keratolytic properties and is applied
topically in the treatment of hyperkeratotic and scaling skin conditions such as dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis, ichthyosis, psoriasis, and acne. Preparations usually contain between 2 and 6% salicylic acid, but a wider range of concentrations has been used. It is often used with other drugs, notably coal tar. Preparations containing up to 60% salicylic acid have been used as a caustic for the removal of plantar warts, corns, or calluses; surrounding healthy skin should be protected (see above). Salicylic acid also possesses fungicidal properties and is used topically in the treatment of dermatophyte skin infections; propyl salicylate and bromosalicylic acid have been used similarly. Zinc salicylate has been used similarly to salicylic acid in the treatment of seborrhoeic dermatitis and acne.

💊 Preparations

BP 2008: Coal Tar and Salicylic Acid Ointment; Compound Benzoic Acid Ointment; Dithranol Paste; Salicylic Acid Collodion; Salicylic Acid Ointment; Zinc and Salicylic Acid Paste; BPC 1973: Salicylic Acid and Sulphur Ointment; USP 31: Benzoic and Salicylic Acids Ointment; Salicylic Acid Collodion; Salicylic Acid Gel; Salicylic Acid Plaster; Salicylic Acid Topical Foam; Zinc Oxide and Salicylic Acid Paste.

Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Callicida; Desconphar†; Duofilm; Duoforte; Koal; Neo A-V; Renovate†; Salpad; Verrutopic AS; Verrutrix; Verruxane†; Austral.: Clear Away†; Clearasil Medicated Wipes; Duofilm; Egozite Cradle Cap; Ionil; John Plunketts Sunspot Cream; Johnsons Clean & Clear Skin Balancing Moisturiser; Sunspot; Austria: Squamasol; Belg.: Anticors Diable Vert; Compeedmed; Duofilm; Sicombyl; Braz.: A Curitybina; Clean & Clear Gel Secativo; Clean & Clear Hidratante; Clean & Clear Locao Adstringente; Clean & Clear Sabonete Liquido Refrecante†; Denorex Daily†; Denorex Plus†; Duoforte†; Ionil; Neutrogena Antiacne; Salipads†; Verrux; Canad.: Acne Solutions; Acnex†; Anti-Acne Control Formula†; Blemish Control; Carnation; Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Astringent; Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Wash; Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent†; Clean & Clear Invsible Blemish Treatment; Clearasil Cleanser; Clearasil Clearstick†; Clearasil Pads†; Clearasil Stayclear†; Clearskin Acne Defense Stick†; Clearskin Cleansing; Clearskin Medicated Wash†; Clearskin Overnight Acne Treatment†; Clearskin Targeted Blemish Remover; Compound W; Compound W Plus; Dermarest; Duofilm; Duoforte; Fixo†; Freezone; Herbal Essences Anti-Dandruff; Johnsons Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer†; Johnsons Clean & Clear Pore Prep†; NeoStrata Astringent Acne Treatment†; Neutrogena Acne Wash; Neutrogena Clear Pore; Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Anti-Dandruff†; Neutrogena Skin Cleaning†; Neutrogena Soothing Gel Astringent†; Occlusal†; Off-Ezy; Oxy Daily Cleaning Pads; Oxy Daily Facial Cleanser Deep Pore; Oxy Finishing Toner†; Oxy Medicated Pads†; Propa PH†; Scholl 2-Drop Corn Remedy; Scholl Callus Remover; Scholl Clear Away†; Scholl Corn Remover; Scholl One Step†; Scholl Zino†; Sebcur; Soluver; Soluver Plus; Trans-Plantar; Trans-Ver-Sal; X-Seb; Chile: DHS Sal; Duoplant Gel; Eucerin Piel Grasa; Mediklin; Neutrogena Acondicionador Neutar Gel; Neutrogena Gel Control Brillo; Neutrogena Linea Acne; Quitacallos; Trans-Plantar†; Trans-Ver-Sal†; Cz.: Bukosan†; Callous; Seal & Heal†; Sophtal-POS N; Spofaplast; Urgocor; Verruca Removal; Denm.: Psorimed; Salicyl; Fr.: A-Derma Pain Salicylique†; Antalyre; Ciella; Coricide le Diable; Disques Coricides; Feuille de Saule; Kertyol; Optrex; Pansements Coricides†; Pommade Mo Cochon; Sanitos; Sophtal; Transvercid; Ger.: Aknefug-liquid; Gehwol Huhneraugen-Pflaster extra stark; Gehwol Schalpaste; Guttaplast†; Hansaplast Hornhaut-Pflaster†; Hansaplast Huhneraugen-Pflaster†; Humopin N†; Lygal Kopfsalbe N; Psorimed; Schrundensalbe Dermi-cyl; Sophtal-POS N; Squamasol; Urgo Activ Huhneraugenpflaster†; Verrucid; Gr.: 2-Drop; Adaptoplast; Apsoderm; Callifugo; Gallifugo†; Hansaplast Callous; Psorimed†; Salicyd; Salipsor; Solimed; Zino; Hong Kong: Duofilm; Egozite Cradle Cap; Hung.: Hansaplast; Indon.: To p ix ; Yod s a be n ; Irl.: Acnisal; Compound W; Occlusal; Psorimed†; Saliker†; Vericaps; Israel: Clearex; Clearex for Sensitive Skin; Salikaren; Scholl Corn/Callous Removers; Ital.: Keranon; Salicil; Trans-Ver-Sal; Malaysia: Clearasil 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Wash; Clearasil Ice Wash; Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore; Egozite Cradle Cap; Palmer’s Skin Success Acne Medication; Mex.: Duoplant; Excelsior†; Ionil Plus; Ionil†; Trans-Ver-Sal; Neth.: Formule W; Psorimed; NZ: Duofilm; Egozite Cradle Cap; Philipp.: Ionil; Wart-Off; Pol.: Callous; Corn; Corn and Callous; Keratolysin; Masc przeciw Odciskom i Zgrubieniom Skory; Saliderm; Seal & Heal; Soft Corn; Urgo Cor; Port.: Psorimed; Transvercid; Urgocor; Verrufilm; Verucid†; S.Afr.: Compound W; Cross Brand Corn Plasters; Emzaclear; Freezone; Jiffy Medi+ Plus; Piccadilly Foot Ointment; SB Unola Corn Remover; Yalta Corn Salve; Singapore: Clearasil 3 in 1; Clearasil Ice Wash; Duofilm; Spain: Callicida Gras; Callicida Salve; Callofin; Cornina†; Unguento Morry; Urgocall†; Verrupatch; Verruplan; Swed.: Salsyvase; Switz.: Scholl Warzenfilm; Verrufilm†; Turk .: Nasiral; Salsil; Scholl Callous; UK: Acnisal; Carnation; Clearasil Double Action Pads; Compound W; Occlusal; Pickles Foot Ointment; Scholl Callus Removal; Scholl Corn Removal; Scholl Verucca Removal; SCR; Snufflebabe Cradle Cap; Verrugon; Wartex; USA: Clearasil Clearstick; Compound W; Dr Scholl’s Callus Removers; Dr Scholl’s Clear Away; Dr Scholl’s Corn Removers; Dr Scholl’s Corn/Callus Remover; Dr Scholl’s Wart Remover; Duofilm; Duoplant; Fostex Acne Medication Cleansing; Freezone; Gordofilm; Hydrisalic; Ionil; Ionil Plus; Keralyt; Mediplast; MG217 Sal-Acid; Mosco; Occlusal; Off-Ezy; Oxy Night Watch; P & S; Panscol; PropapH; Psor-a-set; SalAcid; Sal-Plant; Salac; Salactic Film; Salex; Salkera; Sebucare†; Stri-Dex Clear; Trans-Ver-Sal AdultPatch; Trans-Ver-Sal PediaPatch; Trans-Ver-Sal PlantarPatch; Wart Remover; Wart-Off; X-Seb; Venez.: Acnil; Ven Hex†.
Published January 13, 2019.