Synonyms: Lapis Pumicis; Piedra pómez; Pierre Ponce Granulée; Pumex; Pumex Granulatus; Pumice Stone.
Cyrillic synonym: Пемза.

💊 Chemical information

CAS — 1332-09-8.


In US.

USP 31

(Pumice). Pumice is a substance of volcanic origin consisting chiefly of complex silicates of aluminium, potassium, and sodium. Odourless, very light, hard, rough, porous greyish masses or gritty, greyish powder. It is stable in air. Practically insoluble in water and not attacked by acids. Three grades of powdered pumice are recognised:
superfine (=pumice flour)—not less than 97% passes through a No. 200 [US] sieve
fine—not less than 95% passes through a No. 150 sieve and not more than 75% through a No. 200 sieve
coarse—not less than 95% passes through a No. 60 sieve and not more than 5% through a No. 200 sieve

💊 Profile

Abrasive agents such as fused synthetic aluminium oxide or powdered pumice have been used either as adjuncts in the treatment of acne or for the removal of hard skin. Pumice has also been used as a dental abrasive and as a filtering medium. Other agents used as abrasives for acne include polyethylene granules.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Abralux; Ionax Scrub; Austral.: Brasivol; Ionax Scrub†; Braz.: Ionax Scrub; Chile: Ionax Scrub; Fr.: Brasivol; Ionax Scrub; Hong Kong: Brasivol†; Ionax Scrub†; Irl.: Brasivol; Ionax Scrub†; Malaysia: Ionax Scrub; Mex.: Betagranulos; S.Afr.: Brasivol; Singapore: Ionax Scrub; UK: Brasivol; USA: Ionax Scrub; Venez.: Betagranulos; Ionax Scrub. Multi-ingredient: Canad.: Pernox; Indon.: Aludonna; Ital.: Gastrodue†; Malaysia: Belcid†; Mex.: Dermobras; Ionax Scrub; Philipp.: Ionax Scrub; S.Afr.: Pedimed; Switz.: Cliniderm; USA: Pernox; Zanfel; Venez.: Exfoliderm.
Published October 13, 2018.