💊 Chemical information

Ichtasol; Ichthyol-Natrium Hell; Light Sodium Bituminosulphonate; Natrium Sulfobituminosum Decoloratum; Sulfobituminato sódico; Sulfobituminato sódico decolorado.
Chemical formula: C28H36Na2O6S3 = 610.8.
CAS — 12542-33-5; 1340-06-3.
ATC — D10BX01.
ATC Vet — QD10BX01.

💊 Profile

Ictasol is a sodium bituminosulfonate produced from the light distillate fraction of shale oil. Sodium bituminosulfonate is obtained by the destructive distillation of certain bituminous schists, sulfonation of the distillate, and neutralisation of the product with sodium hydroxide. Ictasol has similar properties to ichthammol (above) and is used in a wide range of preparations for a variety of skin disorders.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Austria: Crino Cordes; Ichthraletten; Lavichthol; Ger.: Aknichthol Creme; Crino Cordes N†; Dermichthol†; Ichthoderm; Ichtholan T; Ichthosin; Ichthraletten; Leukichtan; Solutio Cordes. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Selegel; Austria: Aknichthol; Ichthalgan forte; Ichtho-Bellol; Ichtho-Cortin; Leukichtan; Chile: Ichtyosoft†; Fr.: I-Soft†; Ichtyosoft†; Sebosquam; Ger.: Aknederm Neu; Aknichthol N; Ichthalgan†; Ichtho-Bellol compositum S†; Ichtho-Bellol†; Ichthocortin; Ichthoseptal; Pelvichthol N; Switz.: Aknichthol N.
Published December 15, 2018.