Synonyms: Ammonii Bituminosulfonas; Ammonii Sulfogyrodalas; Ammonio Sulfoittiolato; Ammonium Bithiolicum; Ammonium Bitumenosulfonicum; Ammonium Bituminosulphonate; Ammonium Ichthosulphonate; Ammonium Sulfobituminosum; Ammonium SulphoIchthyolate; Amonowy sulfobituminian; Bithiolate Ammonique; Bithyol; Bitiol; Bitiolato amónico; Bitomol; Bituminol; Ichtammol; Ichtamolis; Ichthammolum; Ichthamol; Ichthosulphol; Ichthyol; Ichthyolammonium; Ictamol; Ictiolsulfonato amónico; Ihtamol; Iktammol; Iktammoli; Sulfobituminato amónico; Sulfoictiolato amónico.
Cyrillic synonym: Ихтаммол; Ихтиол.

💊 Chemical information

CAS — 8029-68-3.


In Chin., Eur., Jpn, and US.

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Ichthammol). A dense blackish-brown liquid. It is obtained by distillation of certain bituminous schists, sulfonation of the distillate, and neutralisation of the product with ammonia. It contains not less than 4.5% and not more than 7.0% of total ammonia, not less than 10.5% of organically combined sulfur, calculated with reference to the dried substance, and not more than 20% of the total sulfur in the form of sulfates. Miscible with water and with glycerol; slightly soluble in alcohol, in fatty oils, and in liquid paraffin; forms homogeneous mixtures with wool fat and soft paraffin.

USP 31

(Ichthammol). A reddish-brown to brownish-black viscous fluid with a strong characteristic empyreumatic odour. It is obtained by the destructive distillation of a bituminous schist, sulfonation of the distillate, and neutralisation of the product with ammonia. It yields not less than 10.0% of total sulfur and not less than 2.5% of ammonia. Miscible with water, with glycerol, and with fixed oils and fats. Partially soluble in alcohol and in ether.


Ichthammol is incompatible with wool alcohols.

💊 Profile

Ichthammol has slight bacteriostatic properties and is used in a wide range of topical preparations, for a variety of skin disorders; it has also been used in suppositories for anorectal disorders. Ichthammol is often used with zinc oxide in medicated bandages for chronic lichenified eczema. Ichthammol may be slightly irritant to the skin and there have been rare reports of hypersensitivity. Light Ammonium Bituminosulfonate (Ammoniumbituminosulfonat Hell) is produced from the light distillate fraction of shale oil. Ammoniumsulfobitol, an ammonium bituminosulfonate similar to ichthammol but with a low sulfur content, was commercially available as Tumenol Ammonium.

💊 Preparations

BP 2008: Zinc and Ichthammol Cream; USP 31: Ichthammol Ointment.

Proprietary Preparations

Austral.: Egoderm; Austria: Ichtho-Bad; Ichtholan; Ichtopur; Belg.: Bithiol; Poudre Velours; Cz.: Ichtoxyl; Fr.: Gelictar†; Ger.: Ichtho-Bad; Ichtholan; Ichtholan spezial; Ichthyol; Thiobitum; Neth.: Daroderm Trekzalf; Trekzalf; Switz.: Ichtho-Bad; Ichtholan; Turk.: Ihtiyol; Pomat Ichthyole; Pommade Ichthyole. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Cicatrina; Austral.: Egoderm; Icthaband†; Austria: Aknemycin compositum; Delta-Hadensa; Hadensa; Ichth-Oestren; Inotyol; Belg.: Antipiol; Inotyol; Canad.: Boil Ease†; Cz.: Pityol; Saloxyl; Denm.: Inotyol; Fin.: Hadensa; Fr.: Anaxeryl; Gelictar Fort; Inotyol†; Node DS; Novophane S; Oxythyol; Phytheol; Phytolithe†; Provictol†; Selegel; Squaphane Masque-Creme; Ger.: Aknemycin; Hong Kong: Acnederm; Egoderm; Israel: Aknemycin; Inotyol; Ital.: Antiemorroidali; Dermatar; Ichthopaste; Inotyol†; Tricoderm F; Malaysia: Acnederm†; Egoderm; Norw.: Inotyol; NZ: Acnederm†; Egoderm; Pol.: Neo-Tormentil; Tormentile Forte; Tormentiol; Port.: Efluvium Anti-caspa; Efluvium Anti-seborreico; Oleoban Composto†; Pansebase Composto; Secpel Composto; Rus.: Bethiol (Бетиол); S.Afr.: Antipeol; Singapore: Egoderm; Spain: Hadensa; Ictiomen; Lamnotyl†; Swed.: Inotyol; Switz.: Aknemycin; Bain extra-doux dermatologique; Epithelial†; Furodermal; Leucen; Radix; Riccovitan†; Turk.: Hedensa; UK: Antipeol; Ichthopaste; Icthaband; St James Balm; USA: Boil Ease; Boyol Salve; Medicone Derma†; Venez.: Node DS.
Published December 14, 2018.