Synonyms: Calamina; Kalamin; Prepared Calamine.
Cyrillic synonym: Каламин.

💊 Chemical information


In Br., Chin., Int., and US.

BP 2008

(Calamine). It is a basic zinc carbonate coloured with ferric oxide. It is an amorphous, impalpable, pink or reddishbrown powder, the colour depending on the variety and amount of ferric oxide present and the process by which it is incorporated. Practically insoluble in water; it dissolves with effervescence in hydrochloric acid.

USP 31

(Calamine). It is zinc oxide with a small proportion of ferric oxide. A pink, odourless, fine powder. Insoluble in water; practically completely soluble in mineral acids.

💊 Profile

Calamine has mild astringent and antipruritic actions and is used as a dusting powder, cream, lotion, or ointment in a variety of skin conditions although its value is uncertain.

💊 Preparations

BP 2008: Aqueous Calamine Cream; Calamine and Coal Tar Ointment; Calamine Lotion; Calamine Ointment; USP 31: Calamine Topical Suspension; Phenolated Calamine Topical Suspension.

Proprietary Preparations

Braz.: Calaphyl†; Ducilamina; Spain: Talquistina. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Acuaderm; Caladryl; Calcusan; Dermithan; Irricutan; Northicalm; Pinklot; Piracalamina; Pruripelen†; Prurisedan; Prurisedan Rosa; Urtikalma; Austral.: Animine; Calaband; Calamine Lotion; Dermalife Plus; Quinaband†; Belg.: Caladryl; Braz.: Caladerm†; Caladryl; Calamed; Calamina; Calamyn; Dermamina; Dermdryl†; Solardril Composto; Canad.: Aveeno Anti-Itch; Caladryl; Calamine Antihistamine; Chile: Ivarest; Pruriced; Fr.: Gel de Calamine; Pruriced; Hong Kong: CadramineV; Caladryl; Calamine-D†; India: Caladryl; Siloderm; Indon.: Caladine; Caladryl; Calamec; Calarex; Minos; Regata; Irl.: Benadryl; RBC; Vasogen; Israel: Baby Paste + Chamomile; Calamine Lotion; Calatrim cum Sulphur†; Calatrim†; Ital.: Mavipiu†; Malaysia: Dermoplex Calamine; Twinkle Calamine; Mex.: Caladryl; Dermocare; Procicar; NZ: Am-O-Lin; Lacto Calamine†; Philipp.: Caladryl; Calmoseptine; Port.: Benaderma com Calamina; Benaderma Pruridermase†; Caladryl; Pruridermase†; Solpic†; S.Afr.: Biohist; Caladryl; Calasthetic; Histamed; Lacto Calamine†; Singapore: Acne Clear; Thai.: Ancamin†; Cadinyl; Cadramine; Caladerm†; Caladryl; Calanol; Calapro; Hista; Lanol; M-D; Turk.: Caladryl; Diyenil; Kalmosan; Tanol; UK: Calaband; Lacto Calamine; Quinaband†; RBC; Swarm; Vasogen; USA: Caladryl; Calamycin; Dome-Paste; Ivarest; RA Lotion; Venez.: Borocanfor; Caladryl†; Calaminol; Calaminol Simple†; Calasyl Original; Micofeet.
Published November 15, 2018.