Ammonium Lactate

Ammonium Lactate Chemical formula
Synonyms: Amonio, lactato de; BMS-186091.
Cyrillic synonym: Аммония Лактат.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C3H9NO3 = 107.1.
CAS — 52003-58-4.
ATC Vet — QA16QA04.

💊 Profile

Ammonium lactate is a humectant applied as a cream or lotion containing 12% lactic acid neutralised with ammonium hydroxide. It is used in the treatment of dry scaly conditions of the skin including ichthyosis. Adverse effects of topical ammonium lactate preparations include transient erythema, burning, and stinging. Treated areas may be more sensitive to sunlight and exposure should be minimised.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Lacto-Cev; Lactrex; Braz.: Lac-Hydrin; Canad.: Lac-Hydrin; Chile: Kerapil†; Topilact 12†; Fr.: Kerapil†; Malaysia: Lanate; Mex.: Lac-Hydrin; NZ: Lac-Hydrin; Lanate; Singapore: Lac-Hydrin; Lanate; USA: Amlactin; Geri-Hydrolac; Kerasal AL; Lac-Hydrin; LAC-Lotion. Multi-ingredient: Arg.: Clobeplus; Clobesol LA; Lactiderm; Lactiderm HC†; Lacto-Cev Zn; Urecrem Hidro; Braz.: Lactrex; Chile: Ichtyosoft†; KPL†; Lactrex†; Queratopil; Fr.: I-Soft†; Ichtyosoft†; Keralac Plus†; Zeniac LP Fort†; Zeniac LP†; Zeniac†; Indon.: Exfoliac; Ital.: Alfa Acid; Ipso Urea; Mex.: Lactrex; Port.: Lactonico†; Venez.: Lactrex.
Published November 02, 2018.