Tolu Balsam

Synonyms: Bálsamo de tolú; Balsamum tolutanum; Baume de tolu; Tolu balzamas; Toluánský balzám; Tolubalsam; Tolubalzsam; Tolupalsami.
Cyrillic synonym: Толуанский Бальзам.

💊 Chemical information

CAS — 9000-64-0; 8017-09-2.


In Eur. and US.

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Tolu Balsam). Oleoresin obtained from the trunk of Myroxylon balsamum var. balsamum. It contains 25 to 50% of free or combined acids, expressed as cinnamic acid, calculated with reference to the dried drug. It occurs as a hard, friable, brownish to reddish-brown mass; thin fragments are brownishyellow when examined against the light. It has an odour reminiscent of vanillin. Practically insoluble in water and in petroleum spirit; very soluble or freely soluble in alcohol. Do not store in powdered form.

USP 31

(Tolu Balsam). A balsam obtained from Myroxylon balsamum (Leguminosae). It is a brown or yellowish-brown plastic solid transparent in thin layers and brittle when old, dried, or exposed to cold temperatures. It has a pleasant aromatic odour, resembling that of vanilla. Practically insoluble in water and in petroleum spirit; soluble in alcohol, in chloroform, and in ether, sometimes with slight residue or turbidity. Store at a temperature not exceeding 40° in airtight containers.

💊 Profile

Tolu balsam is considered to have very mild antiseptic properties and some expectorant action but is mainly used in the form of a syrup to flavour cough mixtures. However, Tolu Syrup (BP 2008) no longer contains tolu balsam but is based on cinnamic acid.

💊 Preparations

BPC 1954: Compound Iodoform Paint; USNF 26: Tolu Balsam Syrup; Tolu Balsam Tincture; USP 31: Compound Benzoin Tincture. Proprietary PreparationsMulti-ingredient: Arg.: Cobenzil Compuesto†; No-Tos Adultos; No-Tos Infantil; Pastillas Medex; Pectobron; Polipectol†; Refenax Caramelos Expectorantes; Austral.: Camphor Linctus Compound; Belg.: Saintbois; Tux†; Braz.: Agrimel†; Broncofisin†; Calmatoss†; Expectomel; Frenotosse; Frenotossil†; Glycon; Infantoss†; Inhalante Yatropan; Iodetal; Ipecol†; Melagriao; Peitoral Angico Pelotense†; Pulmonix†; Tossanil†; Vick Pastilhas; Xarope de Caraguata†; Xarope Sao Joao†; Canad.: Bronco Asmol; Rophelin†; Chile: Elitos ET; Fitotos; Flemex Jat; Jarabe Palto Compuesto con Miel Adulto; Notosil†; Pulmosina; Sedotus†; Cz.: Solutan†; Stodal; Fr.: Broncalene Nourisson; Dinacode avec codeine†; Dinacode†; Hexapneumine; Pastilles Medicinales Vicks; Pastilles Monleon; Pates Pectorales; Phytotux; Theralene Pectoral Nourrisson†; Tussipax; Hong Kong: Baby Cough with Antihistamine; Hexapneumine; Ital.: Stenobronchial; Mex.: Citos; Epicol†; Fen-yTo s ; Port.: Broncodiazina; Lesil; Stodal; Rus.: Solutan (Солутан); S.Afr.: Choats Extract of Lettuce Cough Mixture; Linctus Tussi Infans; Puma Cough Balsam; Turulington Tincture; Spain: Bactopumon; Bronquidiazina CR; Pastillas Antisep Garg M; Pulmofasa; Tosdiazina†; Switz.: Baume†; Dinacode N†; Euphon N; Ipeca†; Neo-Codion N; Neo-DP†; Pastilles pectorales Demo N; Pectocalmine Junior N; Pectosan N†; Phol-Tussil; Pommade au Baume; Saintbois; Sano Tuss; Thai.: Baby Cough Syrup Atlantic; Baby Cough with Antihistamine; UK: Allens Chesty Cough; Chesty Cough Relief; Modern Herbals Cold & Congestion; Sanderson’s Throat Specific; USA: Tonsiline; Vicks Menthol Cough Drops; Venez.: Ye r b a S a n t a .
Published January 23, 2019.