Perflutren Chemical formula
Synonyms: DMP-115; FS-069; MRX-115; Octafluoropropanum; Oktafluoropropaani; Oktafluoropropan; Perfluoropropane; Perflutrène; Perflutreno; Perflutrenum. Octafluoropropane.
Cyrillic synonym: Перфлутрен.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C3F8 = 188.0.
CAS — 76-19-7.

💊 Profile

Perflutren is a perfluorocarbon gas used as either albumin- or lipid-coated microspheres as an ultrasound contrast medium for echocardiography. The albumin-coated microspheres are suspended in 1% albumin solution immediately before use and are given in a dose of 0.5 to 3 mL by intravenous injection, repeated if necessary up to a total dose of 8.7 mL. The lipid-coated microsphere suspension is formed by agitating the gas with a lipid solution immediately before use and is given in a dose of 10 microlitre/kg by intravenous injection, repeated once after 30 minutes if required, or as intravenous injections of 100 to 400 microlitres repeated as required up to a maximum total dose of 1.6 mL. Alternatively, 1.3 mL of the suspension may be diluted in 50 mL of sodium chloride 0.9% and given by intravenous infusion at an initial rate of 4 mL/minute, adjusted as required, to a maximum rate of 10 mL/minute. Serious cardiopulmonary reactions, including fatalities, have been reported with perflutren and it should be used with extreme caution in patients with pulmonary hypertension or unstable cardiopulmonary conditions. The safety of perflutren has not been established in patients with right-to-left cardiac shunts; it should also be used with extreme caution or avoided in such patients. Perflutren has also been given by intra-ocular injection to provide tamponade in the management of retinal detachment.

Adverse effects.

1. Herzog CA. Incidence of adverse events associated with use of perflutren contrast agents for echocardiography. JAMA 2008; 299: 2023–5.

💊 Preparations

USP 31: Perflutren Protein-Type A Microspheres Injectable Suspension.

Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Optison†; Austria: Optison; Canad.: Definity; Chile: Definity; Cz.: Luminity; Optison; Denm.: Optison; Fr.: Luminity; Ger.: Optison; Gr.: Optison; Hung.: Optison; Israel: Definity; Ital.: Optison; Neth.: Optison; Port.: Luminity; Optison; Spain: Optison; Swed.: Optison; Switz.: Optison; UK: Luminity; Optison; USA: Definity; Luminity; Optison.
Published December 30, 2018.