Ditiocarb Sodium

Ditiocarb Sodium Chemical formula
Synonyms: DDTC; Dithiocarb Sodium; Ditiocarbe Sodique; Ditiocarbo sódico; Ditiocarbum Natricum; DTC; Sodium Diethyldithiocarbamate; Sodu dietyloditiokarbaminian; U-14624.
Cyrillic synonym: Дитиокарб Натрий.

Chemical information

Chemical formula: C5H10NNaS2 = 171.3.
CAS — 148-18-5.


Ditiocarb sodium is a chelator that has been used in nickel carbonyl poisoning. Disulfiram, which is rapidly metabolised to ditiocarb, has been used as an alternative. Ditiocarb has also been used in the destruction of cisplatin wastes. It also has immunomodulating properties and has been investigated in HIV infection.
Published November 07, 2018.