Dicobalt Edetate

Dicobalt Edetate Chemical formula
Synonyms: Cobalt Edetate; Cobalt EDTA; Cobalt Tetracemate; Dicobalti Edetas; Dikobalt Edetat; Édétate Dicobaltique; Edetato de dicobalto; Edetato dicobaltio. Cobalt [ethylenediaminetetra-acetato(4−)N,N ,O,O ]cobalt(II).
Cyrillic synonym: Дикобальта Эдетат.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C10H12Co2N2O8 = 406.1.
CAS — 36499-65-7.

💊 Adverse Effects and Precautions

Dicobalt edetate may cause hypotension, tachycardia, and vomiting. Anaphylactic reactions have occurred; oedema of the face and neck, sweating, chest pain, cardiac irregularities, and skin rashes have been reported. The adverse effects of dicobalt edetate are more severe in the absence of cyanide. Therefore, dicobalt edetate should not be given unless cyanide poisoning is definitely confirmed and poisoning is moderate or severe, that is, when consciousness is impaired.


A patient with cyanide toxicity developed severe facial and pulmonary oedema after treatment with dicobalt edetate.1 It has been suggested that when dicobalt edetate is used, facilities for intubation and resuscitation should be immediately available.
1. Dodds C, McKnight C. Cyanide toxicity after immersion and the hazards of dicobalt edetate. BMJ 1985; 291: 785–6.

💊 Uses and Administration

Dicobalt edetate is a chelator used in the treatment of acute cyanide poisoning. Its use arises from the property of cobalt salts to form a relatively non-toxic stable ion-complex with cyanide. Owing to its toxicity, dicobalt edetate should be used only in confirmed cyanide poisoning and never as a precautionary measure. Cyanide poisoning must be treated as quickly as possible. A suggested dose is 300 mg given by intravenous injection over about 1 minute, repeated if the response is inadequate; a further dose of 300 mg of dicobalt edetate may be given 5 minutes later if required. For less severe poisoning the injection should be given over 5 minutes. Each injection of dicobalt edetate may be followed immediately by 50 mL of glucose 50% intravenously to reduce toxicity, though the value of giving glucose has been questioned.

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Fr.: Kelocyanor; Gr.: Kelocyanor.
Published October 31, 2018.