Eritrityl Tetranitrate

Eritrityl Tetranitrate Chemical formula
Synonyms: Éritrityle, Tétranitrate d’; Eritrityli Tetranitras; Eritrityltetranitrat; Eritrityylitetranitraatti; Erythritol Tetranitrate; Erythrityl Tetranitrate rite; Nitroerythrol; NSC-106566; Tetranitrato de eritritilo; Tetranitrol. Butane-1,2,3,4-tetrol tetranitrate.
Cyrillic synonym: Эритритила Тетранитрат.

Chemical information

Chemical formula: C4H6(NO3)4 = 302.1.
CAS — 7297-25-8.
ATC — C01DA13.
ATC Vet — QC01DA13.


Eritrityl tetranitrate is a vasodilator with general properties similar to those of glyceryl trinitrate. It has been used in angina pectoris. Diluted eritrityl tetranitrate is a mixture of eritrityl tetranitrate and lactose or other suitable inert excipients, the excipients being added to minimise the risk of explosion.


Undiluted eritrityl tetranitrate can be exploded by percussion or excessive heat.
Published February 07, 2019.