Diclazuril Chemical formula
Synonyms: Diclazurilo; Diclazurilum; Diklatsuriili; Diklazuril; R-64433. (±)-4Chlorophenyl[2,6-dichloro-4-(2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-3,5-dioxo1,2,4-triazin-2-yl)phenyl]acetonitrile.
Cyrillic synonym: Диклазурил.

Chemical information

Chemical formula: C17H9Cl3N4O2 = 407.6.
CAS — 101831-37-2.
ATC Vet — QP51AJ03.


In Eur. for veterinary use only.

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Diclazuril for Veterinary Use; Diclazuril BP(Vet) 2008). A white or light yellow powder. Practically insoluble in water, in alcohol, and in dichloromethane; sparingly soluble in dimethylformamide. Protect from light.


Diclazuril is an antiprotozoal that has been tried in AIDS patients for the management of diarrhoea associated with protozoal infection. It is used in veterinary practice for the control of coccidiosis in lambs and poultry.
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Published November 03, 2018.