Dexetimide Hydrochloride

Synonyms: Dexbenzetimide Hydrochloride; Dexétimide, Chlorhydrate de; Dexetimidi Hydrochloridum; Hidrocloruro de dexetimida; R16470.
Cyrillic synonym: Дексэтимида Гидрохлорид.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C23H26N2O2,HCl = 398.9.
CAS — 21888-96-0.
ATC — N04AA08.
ATC Vet — QN04AA08.

💊 Profile

Dexetimide is a tertiary antimuscarinic with actions similar to those of trihexyphenidyl. It has been used to alleviate drug-induced extrapyramidal symptoms, but, like other antimuscarinics, is of no value against tardive dyskinesias. Dexetimide is given as the hydrochloride although doses are expressed in terms of the base; dexetimide hydrochloride 1.1 mg is equivalent to about 1 mg of dexetimide. A usual oral dose is 0.5 to 1 mg once daily; it has also been given by intramuscular injection.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Belg.: Tremblex; Neth.: Tremb lex.
Published November 04, 2018.