Oxetorone Fumarate

Oxetorone Fumarate Chemical formula
Synonyms: Fumarato de oxetorona; L-6257; Oxétorone, Fumarate d’; Oxetoroni Fumaras. 3-(6,12-Dihydrobenzofuro[3,2c][1]benzoxepin-6-ylidene)NN-dimethylpropylamine hydrogen fumarate.
Cyrillic synonym: Оксеторона Фумарат.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C21H21NO2,C4H4O4 = 435.5.
CAS — 26020-55-3 (oxetorone); 34522-46-8 (oxetorone fumarate).
ATC — N0 2CX06.
ATC Vet — QN02CX06.

💊 Profile

Oxetorone fumarate is an antihistamine and serotonin antagonist used orally in the treatment of migraine and cluster headache in doses of up to 180 mg daily. Oxetorone was reported to have induced hyperplastic changes in breast tissue and the uterine endometrium of rodents.

💊 Preparations

Proprietary Preparations

Belg.: Nocertone; Cz.: Nocertone†; Fr.: Nocertone.
Published November 01, 2018.