Tioconazole Chemical formula
Synonyms: Tioconazol; Tioconazolum; Tiokonatsoli; Tiokonazol; Tiokonazolas; UK-20349. 1-[2,4-Dichlorothyl]imidazole.
Cyrillic synonym: Тиоконазол.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C16H13Cl3N2OS = 387.7.
CAS — 65899-73-2.
ATC — D01AC07; G01AF08.
ATC Vet — QD01AC07; QG01AF08.


In Eur. and US.

Ph. Eur. 6.2

(Tioconazole). A white or almost white crystalline powder. Very slightly soluble in water; freely soluble in alcohol; very soluble in dichloromethane. Protect from light.

USP 31

(Tioconazole). Store in airtight containers.

💊 Adverse Effects and Precautions

Local reactions to tioconazole including burning, itching, and erythema have been reported. Intravaginal preparations of tioconazole may damage latex contraceptives and additional contraceptive measures are therefore necessary during local application. For a discussion of the caution needed when using azole antifungals during pregnancy, see under Pregnancy in Precautions of Fluconazole.


Tioconazole, an imidazole antifungal widely used in Finland, appeared to be an important cause of contact allergy in that country, since an incidence of more than 1% was reported in patients undergoing routine patch testing.1 There may be cross-reactivity with other commonly used imidazole derivatives.
1. Heikkilä H, et al. A study of 72 patients with contact allergy to tioconazole. Br J Dermatol 1996; 134: 678–80.

💊 Antimicrobial Action

Tioconazole is an imidazole antifungal with a broad spectrum of activity including action against dermatophytes, Malassezia furfur, and Candida albicans. Tioconazole is active in vitro against some Gram-positive bacteria.

💊 Uses and Administration

Tioconazole is an imidazole antifungal used in the treatment of superficial candidiasis, and dermatophytoses and pityriasis versicolor. For vaginal candidiasis it is used as pessaries or vaginal ointment usually as a single 300-mg dose. It has been used topically as a 1% cream, lotion, or powder in the treatment of superficial fungal infections. Tioconazole has also been used for nail infections as a 28% w/w topical solution, although systemic treatment is generally preferred.

💊 Preparations

BP 2008: Tioconazole Cream; Tioconazole Nail Solution.

Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Honguil; Niofen; Tiomicol; Trosyd; Austria: Trosyd; Braz.: Gino Conazol; Gino Tralen; Neo Tionazol; Tioconax; Tionazen; Tralen; Canad.: Gynecure†; Trosyd†; Chile: Te l s e t ; Fin.: Gyno-Trosyd; Trosyd; Fr.: GynoTrosyd; Trosyd; Ger.: Mykontral; Gr.: Cotinazin; Hong Kong: GynoTrosyd; Trosyd; Indon.: Prodermal; Trosyd; Irl.: Trosyl; Ital.: Gino-Trosyd†; Tros yd; Malaysia: Gyno-Trosyd; Trosyd; NZ: Gyno-Trosyd†; Philipp.: Trosyd; Port.: Gino-Trosyd; Trosyd; S.Afr.: Gyno-Trosyd; Trosyd; Singapore: Gyno-Trosyd; Trosyd; Spain: Trosderm; Trosid; Switz.: GynoTrosyd; Trosyd; Thai.: Trosyd; Turk.: Dermo-Rest; Dermo-Trosyd; GynoTrosyd; Tiocan; Tiocell; UK: Trosyl; USA: Vagistat-1; Venez.: Gino-Tralen; Tr alen. Multi-ingredient: Braz.: Cartrax; Duozol; Gynomax; Gynopac; Seczol; Takil; Travogyn; Fin.: Trosycort; Mex.: Fasigyn VT; Switz.: Trosyd†.
Published December 21, 2018.