Synonyms: A-A-1; BI-397; Dalbavancina; Dalbavancine; Dalbavancinum; MDL-63397; VER-001. 5,31-Dichloro-38-de(methoxycarbonyl)7-demethyl-19-deoxy-56O-{2-deoxy-2-[(10-methylundecanoyl)amino]no)propyl]carbamoyl}-42Othyl(ristomycin A aglicone) (main component).
Cyrillic synonym: Дальбаванцин.

Chemical information

Chemical formula: C88H100Cl2N10O28 = 1816.7.
CAS — 171500-79-1.


Dalbavancin is a glycopeptide antibacterial under investigation for the treatment of severe infections due to Gram-positive bacteria, including complicated infections of the skin and soft tissues.
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Published January 31, 2019.