Proglumetacin Maleate

Proglumetacin Maleate Chemical formula
Synonyms: CR-604; Maleato de proglumetacina; Proglumétacine, Maléate de; Proglumetacinum Maleas; Protacine Maleate. 3-{4-[2-(1pChlorobenzoyl-5-methoxy-2-methylindol-3-ylacetoxy)ethyl]piperazin-1-yl}propyl 4-benzamidoN,N-dipropylglutaramate dimaleate.
Cyrillic synonym: Проглуметацина Малеат.

💊 Chemical information

Chemical formula: C46H58ClN5O8,2C4H4O4 = 1076.6.
CAS — 57132-53-3 (proglumetacin); 59209-40-4 (proglumetacin maleate).
ATC — M01AB14.
ATC Vet — QM01AB14.

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Proglumetacin maleate, an indoleacetic acid derivative related to indometacin, is an NSAID. It has been used in musculoskeletal and joint disorders in oral doses of up to 600 mg daily, in divided doses. Proglumetacin maleate has also been given as rectal suppositories and topically as a 5% cream.
1. Appelboom T, Franchimont P. Proglumetacin versus indometacin in rheumatoid arthritis: a double-blind multicenter study. Adv Therapy 1994; 11: 228–34
2. Martens M. Double-blind randomized comparison of proglumetacin and naproxen sodium in the treatment of patients with ankle sprains. Curr Ther Res 1995; 56: 639–48.

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Proprietary Preparations

Arg.: Alaidol†; Bruxel; Belg.: Tolindol; Chile: Afloxan†; Ger.: Protaxon; Hong Kong: Afloxan; Ital.: Afloxan; Proxil; Jpn: Miridacin; Philipp.: Afloxan; Port.: Protaxil; Spain: Prodamox; Thai.: Afloxan.
Published March 10, 2019.